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Nicola Beattie

If you’re looking for a leading expert in the field of Hypnotherapy…..look no further!

Dedicated to getting great results, my passion is fuelled by my clients successes and we have trained with some of the leading training schools in the UK so you can expect the highest standards in the industry.

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Are you suffering with burnout and overload?

Have you lost your identity since becoming a parent? Do you struggle with the mental load and juggling it all? Or are you coping with the fallout of relationship breakdown and the stress of co-parenting? Maybe unwanted habits are creeping in and causing weight gain and sluggishness? Or perhaps you are finding yourself frequently ill and suffering from symptoms such as tiredness, memory loss, joint pain and episodes of dizziness or chest pain?

I specialise in helping people take control of their lives again and live happier and healthier lives as a result. We get one shot at this life so how are you choosing to spend it? Surviving or thriving?

To find out more, contact me to find out current availability or book online to arrange a consultation.

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Do you eat compulsively, drink excessively or use substances to self-medicate? I will help you to look at your life differently in order regain control and live your happiest and healthiest life possible.

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Does overthinking ruin your life? Do you lie awake in the night worrying about every possibility? Are you suffering with chest pains, frequent illness, stomach problems or unexplained symptoms? Our bodies display the effect of stress and our negative thinking by creating symptoms. I will help you to recognise what is really going on and overcome negative thinking patterns and overthinking so you can live a happier and healthier life.

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Child & Teen Clinic

New for 2020 is our specially created young people’s clinic. The events of the 2020 covid pandemic has created a surge of anxiety & stress related illness in our young people.

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Stop Smoking

Most people are amazed at how easy it is to become—and remain—a permanent non-smoker using Hypnosis.

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Traumas, Phobias & PTSD

(PTSD) develops after a stressful event or an exceptionally threatening and serious trauma, the resulting symptoms are recurrent dreams

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Weight Loss

I run an extremely successful weight management clinic which uses the combined tools of the Virtual Gastric band technique* (if appropriate to you)

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Better Nights Sleep

Get my handy guide to maximising your downtime and getting the best quality rest possible

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“I am extremely pleased with my weight loss sessions with Nicola, I have dropped 2 dress sizes and have totally changed my attitude towards food and eating habits. I feel much more in control and am no longer stuck in a diet/binge cycle that I was before ”
“Wow two sessions is all it took to rid me of my claustrophobia. Previously I struggled to use aeroplanes or even cars for long journeys but now the fear is gone and I am actually looking forward to my summer holiday this year!”
SSouth Woodham, Essex
“I’ve always had a childhood phobia of rats and this had gotten much worse over the last few years to the point that I never wanted to be in the house by my own anymore. I am so relieved that I can now relax in my garden and not have all that worry. Not only that but I actually feel different since our sessions..I feel like I have a new lease for life!”
“I’ve absolutely loved the sessions with you Nicola, I always felt that you put 101% into me and your belief that I could ‘crack it’ definately helped. I’ve only have I lost that 2 stone (my goal!) but my outlook on life is so different now and I really feel that I can do the things i’ve always been scared of before. I would recommend you to anyone, thank you so much xx
“Thankyou for the work you did on my anxiety and sleeping habits, I just had my first full nights sleep in over a year and I’ve woken up feeling really good and excited about the future. It feels like the black cloud has lifted and I can’t thank you enough”
“what have you done to me?? I no longer graze endlessly and now get full signals when i’ve had enough. Now 2 stone down and counting…I love you!!!”
“when my husband died suddenly earlier this year the pain was so bad I thought I wanted to die myself. With your help, I’ve managed to let go yet cherish the memories of him without the way in which he died tarnishing them. I’m sleeping again now and functioning much better thank you xx”
“I enjoyed the sessions. I feel that the main reason I went (the constant feeling of stress) has definitely improved. The most useful outcome from my sessions was that I learned to relax and feel less stressed.”
“I wish you were available on the NHS I really do. The CBT I did with them was ok but I got so much more from our sessions which helped me make the leap I needed to make. God bless”

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