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Freedom From Addiction
I specialise in working with addictions and addictive behaviour. I work extensively with food and sugar addiction, sex and porn addiction and cocaine addiction. Addictions can often change form and people often change activity over the years, substituting one addiction to another in its place.

How It Works
In my Addiction programmes you will discover:

What is really fuelling your behaviour
Addictions often stem from past trauma or vital needs not being identified and met which then creates the need for the artificial ‘high’ created by the addictive activity.

How to reprogramme your mind.
I use a combination of EMDR trauma resolving techniques, psychotherapy, coaching techniques and hypnotherapy to help generate new behaviours.

How to cut your cravings
Relapse is a vital part of recovery and using my techniques, I will show you how to manage and reduce cravings, making recovery easier.

How to stop your addictive behaviour for good
Throughout this process you will learn the secrets to unlocking addiction and creating new strategies to make the most of your addiction free life. I do not use the 12 step programme but instead a unique and vibrant treatment programme.

In my Addiction busting sessions:

What you will receive:

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I run a busy full time daytime clinic through from Monday to Friday with a clinic day at the weekend.

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