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Aug 2012 – Hypnotherapy Works! What is Hypnotherapy? (PDF)
I have seen some phenomenal results with clients using hypnotherapy. Long gone are the days when hypnosis was used as a one trick ‘quit smoking’ pony (although hypnosis remains the leading method to stop the smoking habit). Hypnotherapy is now used successfully for a wide range of issues, with the current favourite of the hypnosis world being the ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ or Weight Loss using hypnosis. Did you know that many of the worldwide Olympic teams have arrived at the Olympic village with their own hypnotherapists in tow, providing mental support with sports coaching and mindset strategy?

Sept 2012 – Hypnotherapy Works! Beating Phobias (PDF)
People are always astonished when I say that working with Phobias is one of my favourite areas. This is purely and simply because I have a 100% success rate and most phobias are cured very rapidly within 1-2 sessions. Now if that isn’t job satisfaction then I don’t know what is!!

Oct 2012 – Hypnotherapy Works! Virtual Gastric Band (PDF)
Its only 13 weeks until Christmas!! Yes you heard me right and before you groan, wouldn’t it be fantastic to rein in your eating habits before the festive season kicks off? Without doubt, the majority of my clients see me for weight control and in particular the Virtual Gastric Band.

Nov 2012 – Hypnotherapy Works! Beating Insomnia (PDF)
Is there anything more frustrating than lying in bed listening to the other half/ cat/ dog (delete as applicable!) snoring soundly while being wide awake yourself? Have you noticed how the more you seem to ‘try’ and do something, the harder it is? ‘Trying’ to sleep usually means you will inevitably find yourself getting cross, stressed and then worrying about how tired you will be tomorrow after a short and restless night.

Dec 2012 – Hypnotherapy Works! Stress and Anxiety (PDF)
Christmas… it’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ as the song would have us believe. However, it is no co-incidence that January is the busiest time of the year for divorce lawyers and for good reason too!

Jan 2013 – Hypnotherapy Works! Setting and achieving goals (PDF)
Happy New Year! I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful and fun filled festive period and now for the most exciting time of the year… setting those goals for 2013 (or as some people like to call them; New Year’s Resolutions)

Feb 2013 – Hypnotherapy Works! – Tackling the January Blues and Depression (PDF)
So… the long dark and cold month of January has finally passed… and thank goodness for that! According to statistics this is the most likely month of the year for people to start affairs, file for divorce, self harm and even suicide attempts peak during the spring months…Great! Not to mention the reality of that post Christmas debt and those failed New Year’s resolutions… (this is why I coach ‘goals’ and not ‘resolutions’ by the way!)

March 2013 Improving Relationships (PDF)
February… the month of love and romance! How was your Valentine’s Day? Did it go with a ‘oooh’ or more of an ‘oh’? Modern lives are hectic and sadly the first areas to suffer are usually romance and intimacy in favour of chores, work and sleep.

April 2013 Spring Cleaning Your Mind (PDF)
So spring has finally sprung and the daffodils are coming out to brighten up our homes and gardens after the long and chilly winter months… I’m sure many of us have enjoyed throwing the windows open and letting that fresh air flood into the house making everything seem so much fresher and pleasant!

May 2013 Birthing bliss! (PDF)
Yes you did hear me right when I said that! Hypnotherapy has gained credibility in being a recognised and viable option for a positive birth. After all, if it is good enough for Kate Middleton who has been working with a hypnotherapist throughout her pregnancy to help with her severe morning sickness, aid pregnancy relaxation and for a better overall birth experience, surely it is good enough for you?

June 2013 Banish that phobia! (PDF)
People are often astonished when I say that working with Phobias is one of my favourite areas. This is simply because most phobias are cured very rapidly and if that isn’t job satisfaction then I don’t know what is!

July 2013 A new take on pain (PDF)
An interesting thing happened to me a few years back which completely changed how I viewed physical injury. I had just moved house, was juggling a rather tempestuous toddler, preparing for a major London art exhibition and on top of that coping with some complicated family arrangements which all in all put me under a lot of stress. However, I did not realise this at the time and just kept going… until my body decided to give me a very physical wake up call that I was overdoing it.

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