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Nicola Beattie BA (Hons). HEA Dip Hyp. NLP Prac. GQHP. Reg. GHR Reg.

Nicola is a highly qualified and fully insured Clinical Hypnotherapist, BLAST, EMDR & NLP Practitioner registered with The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). 


Nicola is also a published Author, having written the addiction section in ‘The Hypnotherapy Experts’.


Nicola has run training courses for fellow therapists as well as running anti-anxiety and weight loss groups for the general public as well as regular meditation sound baths.


Nicola writes for several publications on a variety of psychological topics.


Working with a variety of psychotherapy techniques including (but not limited to); Clinical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), BLAST, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitation and Reprocessing), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Transactional Analysis, Counselling skills, Angelic Reiki, Analytical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, Nicola is passionate and committed to getting you the results you want, quickly and efficiently.


Having a wide selection of cutting-edge techniques helps to rapidly and accurately find the root cause of your presenting issue, rather than spend weeks, months or years as some forms of counselling and psychotherapy do.

This enables the people that Nicola works with to make fast, positive and long term changes.

Having had a wide variety of life experience; Nicola has been married, lived as a blended family and now parenting happily and peacefully as a single parent household. As mum to three boys, a daughter and an assortment of animals which keeps her somewhat occupied. 

About me in my own words.

I work in a non-judgemental way and with total client confidentiality. My passion is to enable people to improve their lives and helps them to find the right path on which to do this.

So Hypnotherapy Works or Serene in Six?

Some people get confused as I talk about Hypnotherapy Works which is my original business that I set up back in 2010 and you’ll notice I now refer to that and Serene in Six, (its funkier sister subsidiary). 

Following a severe illness back in 2018 (sepsis) after the arrival of child number 3, my life was never the same again.

Whilst seriously ill, I had several out of body experiences where I was treated to some intense spiritual insights that meant I could not view life in the same way as I had done so previously. 

Physically I could no longer hack life at the same pace, even a supermarket trip would wear me out and a need for some new realities and so regular, practical & workable self-care was born. 

As a hypnotherapist of well over ten years, I was more than used to telling my clients to make time for themselves, but I found myself tested to the limits by unrelenting family life, so what had to change? Me!

One of my favourite sayings these days is that we need to put on our own oxygen masks first, as, without our own mind, body & soul health, life can become an intolerable slog. A daily battle with fatigue, ill health, anxiety and brain fog.

So what is Serene in Six? Your well-being package in various guises. Because you matter. You are important. And in this crazy time to be alive, we need to grab that self-care and make time for us. 

Serene in six is also a method of working out who you really are and what you really want from life. Too many of us live a half life, or even worse, living to service other people’s needs and expectations.

So what is the Serene in Six method? I like to combine the best of my favourite six elements I’ve learned from all my years in therapeutic practice to make life better. 

Namely; to combine psychology, self-hypnosis, meditation, sound healing (I cannot wait to share the benefits of this with you!), aromatherapy and ancient, shamanic and holistic rituals to put the sparkle back into life and create a sense of serenity and true self in this crazy world.

So please sit back, take ten minutes for yourself, and explore (
serene in six) click the PDF to learn 5 easy ways to enjoy better quality sleep and enjoy wonderful audio to introduce you to the benefits of self-hypnosis for deep relaxation.

If you are looking for deep transformation, relieve trauma or to change an unwanted behaviour then drop me a message or book in a 1:1 session via Hypnotherapy Works. 

Are you in dire need of some better self-care or to feel calmer? In which case take a look at Serene in six… your lighthouse in the storm.

I look forward to working with you,

Nicola x 

Daniel MacDonald

You can turn your life around and I’m living proof of that

If you’d met me in the past you wouldn’t have been able to imagine how my life has now changed. As a former addict, I found myself in an inconceivable situation as a result of my chaotic life choices; convicted of drug importation and I’ve served time in a tough Czech jail as a result. I thought my life was over and I was always destined to be living a life of crime & chaos.

I found my new path in prison. I started reading… psychology and realised that I had complete control of my life choices through my own thinking patterns.

Upon my release from prison in 2017, I started re-training and qualified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnosis (via the highly regarded LCCH) and trained in the therapy that I consider saved my life and relationship: BLAST therapy with the Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy.

BLAST is a rapid form of EMDR that is used to treat trauma & PTSD. With this therapy I was finally able to leave my childhood behind, and heal my PTSD as a result of a long extradition period (over 10 years!) and time spent in some of what are considered to be the Worlds toughest prisons.

I specialise working with men & young people in my no nonsense way that gets to the root of your issues and frees you from your old behaviours and addictions. I will always tell it how it is and work with integrity and honesty.

If conventional talking therapy isn’t for you, you might find my way of working is very effective at helping you to move on.

I also run Real Men Talk, a lifestyle subscription group for men to get them talking and dealing with their issues in a bid to reduce the male suicide rate and live happier lives.

In my personal life, I cherish the challenges that my new family life brings and my passion is helping other people overcome their issues in order to enjoy life and find peace.

I look forward to meeting you.


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