Serene In Six Wellness for Weight Loss Online Programme


Introducing our Serene in Six Weight Management course which consists of 10 fat blitzing and ‘feel fabulous’ MP3 audios. Use this programme to kick start your weight loss and change your mindset, beliefs and of course your eating habits and subsequent behaviours.

So what is it?

This programme is not a diet, its not about depriving yourself or not being allowed to eat certain foods which for many people is unobtainable and unrealistic with daily life!

Why diets fail

When we are on a diet, the focus is solely on food and what you can or cannot have. This creates an obsessive tendency towards food and we end up with cravings and an ‘on or off’ diet mindset.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have reached that goal weight, it can be hard to maintain that goal weight as your cravings are still there and healthy food can become viewed as a punishment. As soon as the diet then ‘ends’ the weight comes back on, creating a yo-yo ing scenario that most of us are familiar with!

We then often find ourselves in a negative cycle of restriction, deprivation and self-punishment around food.

Why this approach is different: 

Nicola works on de-programming the “dieting brain” and learning not to beat yourself up about eating so called “bad foods”, giving yourself permission to eat normal foods, just in the right balance using a sensible and sustainable 80/20 rule.

What does this programme include?

This Serene in Six Weight Loss programme uses food aversion hypnosis, so that you naturally do not want and choose not to eat any ‘problem foods’ or ‘problem drinks’.

Audio 1- introduction to weight loss (includes ‘problem foods’ aversion therapy)

Audio 2 – Tackling Emotional Eating

Audio 3 – Confidence for Weight Loss 

Audio 4 – Motivation to Exercise 

Audio 5- Your Healthy Future 

Audio 6 – The Virtual Gastric band (this audio takes you through the surgical procedure of having a gastric band fitted. It helps to reduce the appetite and control portion size).

Audio 7 – Support Audio for Gastric Band (listen daily after the band is ‘installed’.

Bonus tracks (Use whenever you are in need of a quick mindset fix)

  • 5 Minute Body Confidence 
  • 5 Minute Chillout 
  • 5 Minute Confidence 

Who has designed this programme?

Nicola Beattie is a very experienced hypnotherapist, having worked for 9 years as a therapist, she utilises and shares her experiences, skills and tools she has learnt over many years with hundreds of clients.

This programme uses a powerful combination of Hypnosis, NLP and coaching techniques to teach you the tools to establish a healthy relationship with food, helping to achieve emotional freedom around food and drink.

What makes this program different from a diet or a healthy eating plan is that Nicola deals with more then just the food and drink we put into our bodies. We peel back the layers to consider the underlying reasons, factors that cause our bad food habits, overeating or unhealthy diet.

Lets get Fabulous

Nicola also uses other tools to work on emotional eating, our own personal body image, negative self talk, self esteem, confidence, empowering you to achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy way, working on many levels to achieve positive and long lasting results.

The programme is all about learning to love and nurture yourself. It is not designed to punish yourself, instead focusing on improving your confidence to empower you to make healthy choices.

Learn to de-programme that old ‘diet’ mentality which simply doesn’t work!

Become aware of and change bad habits around food and drink whilst consciously and unconsciously choosing healthy natural foods easily and effortlessly.

This programme is not a diet but by following and commiting to the programme it becomes just the way you now choose to eat. Naturally learning to  choose eating healthily, losing those cravings and learning to look after yourself in a maintainable and realistic way that becomes natural in the long term.

The mind is powerful and your mindset can be changed using hypnosis… let us be the lighthouse to your storm ???

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