Teen self/care subscription box

£29.99 / month

Your self-care in a box! The Serene in Six Thrive & Grow wellness box is an ideal monthly pickup for your child or teen.

Delivering a reliable and much needed box of calm positivity to your doorstep each and every month to your doorstep in these challenging times.

The power of 6:

  • Master your mind! You will receive a monthly self hypnosis audio to develop mindset mastery and be guided through life’s challenges using the power of guided audio. Find somewhere quiet, learn how to relax and zone out while you drift off to the power of hypnosis and guided imagery.
  • Discover the power of art therapy delivered straight to your doorstep! Each month, enjoy a different art based stress busting activity to soothe the mind & zap those niggling worries.
  • Develop your own mindset toolkit by receiving a monthly positivity worksheet to help build resilience, confidence and grow an optimistic mindset to navigate life’s challenges.
  • Discover the excitement of wellness with an exciting holistic or aromatherapy gift to learn how to pamper your body and develop life long self care rituals.
  • Develop your spiritual awareness with a wearable crystal of the month which will aid your self hypnosis practice, raise good vibes and enhance your feel good factor  with its unique healing qualities.
  • Define your goals and learn how to manage stress by learning the art of journaling. Enjoy a stationery gift to aid the development of mindset exercises and rituals to release stress, reduce anxiety and build confidence.

Our ultimate aim at Serene in Six is to increase the levels of happiness, confidence and relaxation in life, so join us, a like minded community of zen seekers and wellness enthusiasts to just help make life better.

Serene in Six Thrive & Grow… navigating life.

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