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10 simple steps to feel amazing

Start to feel fantastic today just by following these 10 simple steps:

1/Stop Smoking
Biggest step you can take in order to take control of your health is to stop smoking today! Smoking is the single biggest threat to your health, wealth and wellbeing. A 20 cigarette per day smoker who stops using my methods will have covered the cost of sessions within 4 weeks of not smoking. Not only that but in the first year of not smoking they will saved over £2500….I wonder what other more productive uses that money could go towards? Click here >

2/Establish a healthy weight
I don’t help people to ‘lose weight’ but instead I run a highly successful weight management programme. This works on the basis of creating significant lifestyle changes which is not just a diet because (as we well know) they don’t work as people tend to put all the weight (and often more) back on. Hypnosis boosts motivation to allow new eating patterns and behaviours to become second nature and you can start enjoying eating to live rather than living to eat. I use a combined weight management system with the Virtual Gastric Band technique to maximise the effect of hypnosis and create powerful and long lasting change. Click here >

3/Drink more water
Do you know 75% of all hunger pangs or cravings between meals are just dehydration so drink more and eat less. Drinking 2 litres of water each and every day burns up to 150 calories a day, 1000 calories a week over 50,000 calories a year. Just think, all that just by drinking water. Water flushes the toxins out from our systems and allows our organs to run more efficiently. Water consumption is covered in my weight management system and positive suggestions are placed using hypnosis, making it second nature to recognise your body’s call for water. Click here >

4/ Nutrition and health

Switch to coconut oil for your cooking and add it to your smoothies. Not only is it cholesterol free but it helps your brain create neural pathways (which makes us smarter) and it doesn’t break down into transfats when cooked. Naturally sugar free and when digested the MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) contained in Virgin Coconut Oil go directly to the liver and are transformed into energy and not fat.

In my clinic I probably see more cases of sugar addiction than any other. Review your diet and see how sugar/carbohydrate heavy it is? What are you choosing to fuel your body with? How many times a day are you eating? In choosing to fuel your body differently to eliminate or reduce sugar will dramatically affect your motivation, energy levels, skin, mindset as well as waistline!

Try my breakfast smoothie recipe for a week to see how energised you could feel.

Nic’s power smoothie

(put into a large glass and blend!)
1 tsp spiralina powder* (great for energy and fantastic for skin)
1 tbsp flaxseed
1 scoop of protein shake / whey powder (chocolate or vanilla is my preference!)
handful of spinach leaves
1/2 Avocado or 1 small chunk (approx 1 tbs) Coconut oil
unsweetened almond milk, cold green tea or water

What a way to start the day! (you can also freeze smoothies into lolly holders to make alternative ice lollies)

Try using bentonite clay to detox your body and remove heavy metals from the body. A tablespoon of bentonite clay in the morning is a great way to cleanse your digestive system as well as reduce cravings for sweet foods. Clay baths and ingesting clay have been used for centuries to naturally rid the body of harmful parasites, heavy metal build up, bacteria and viruses. You can even add it to your pets food as a natural wormer and to treat bacterial infections and skin lesions.

5/Reduce Stress
Stress is the biggest modern day killer as it affects you emotionally and physically. From creating the lines on your face to IBS, headaches, heart disease, panic attacks, breakdowns, loss of concentration, high blood pressure and a whole range of other issues, it is time to stop making excuses and take action now. Invest some time and money in yourself to discover just how good you can really feel. It may surprise you how we process everyday stresses, the physical effect on your body. Click here >

Guided imagery is a form of self-hypnosis that has been associated with positive stimulation of the immune system. Positive suggestion is used to release negative self-image, assist in creating and achieving goals, and as a natural way to relieve physical, mental and emotional stress. The method can be used to treat stress-related illnesses such as high blood pressure and insomnia.

This is a terrific way to reduce stress and work through those day-to-day challenges. It’s simple, low-tech and effective: all you need is your imagination and a few minutes to yourself

Try this…

You can learn the secrets of guided imagery and use them at any time of the day. All you need is five minutes to yourself.

Begin by closing your eyes and taking deep, measured breaths. Imagine that you are in beautiful surroundings – either a place you have visited or a place you conjure up from your imagination. Focus on bringing all the elements of the scene to life: the colours you see, the sounds you hear, the smells you detect, the aromas and taste. How does your body feel with whatever it’s doing in your special place? Is it warm or cool? Are you alone or with others? Bring the images into focus and try to “stay in the scene” for at least five minutes.

Practice this exercise for a few minutes every day or use whenever you’re stressed.

6/Get Active

Do you make excuse after excuse about how you ‘don’t have time to exercise’ or ‘ I’m too tired to exercise’? Hypnotherapy can motivate you into making long lasting changes so that you can get fitter and have more energy just by changing the way you think about it. Small changes add up, so start today and get off the bus/ tube a stop earlier or park that car further way and just get started. Body and mind work better when both are exercised.

Hypnotherapy is used with great success for sports coaching to enable sports people (and normal ‘everyday people!’) to develop the ‘edge’ they need to maximise their performance, overcome obstacles and achieve or surpass their goals. Click here >


Lack of sleep causes a huge number of mental and physical ailments including suppressing your immune system, memory and concentration lapses and weight gain. Create positive sleep ‘anchors’ by establishing that your bedroom is a peaceful and relaxing place to sleep in and not a place to exercise, work or watch TV. Make it a calm and tidy haven to relax in and try a drop of Lavender or essential oils on your pillow. Eat your evening meal as early as you can and avoid caffeinated drinks- switch to decaf!

Alcohol, despite many people believing it helps them sleep actually disrupts natural sleep patterns and wakes us up to use the loo.

Self hypnosis before bedtime creates deeper sleeping habits and reinforces positive goals you would like to achieve. It’s a fact that if we spend 2 minutes visualising our goals before sleep we are much more likely to achieve them as our subconscious mind takes these ideas on board and helps create the circumstances needed in order to obtain them…what have you got to lose? Try it today! Learning self hypnosis is easy, alternatively you can try a guided CD to aid relaxation and peaceful thoughts.

8/ Become aware of habitual drinking and eating
Do you have a glass of wine, bar of chocolate or gin and tonic every night? Have you ever asked yourself why? If this is what you have done for years it has probably just become a habit and you may not really enjoy or taste that drink or snack but it is just become part of ‘what you do’.  Hypnosis is a highly effective way in which to break habits and create new positive changes. You are the person that you think you are…so is it time to ‘think differently?’

9/ Be aware of additives and artificial ingredients

Modern diets are packed with harmful additives and it’s no surprise that the FDA gets more complaints about aspartame than all the products that they regulate. Do you know many Diet Coke drinkers? Aspartame acts like MSG in our brains to addict us. People who drink fizzy drinks are much more likely to be overweight than those who opt for water or diluted juices. This is because our brains crave sugar as a response to the aspartame and this creates a cycle of binging and cravings. Aspartame was once considered (before it was approved as a food) by the Department of Defence as a potential biological-warfare neurotoxin which is certainly food for thought! Check your ‘sugar free’ kids medicines too. Aspartame affects children more than adults and the link between autism and aspartame is been identified in independent research.

10/Positive mental attitude!

“If you think you can, or you can’t then it’s probably true”.

This is so true in all areas of life so just by shifting how we think has a powerful and long lasting impact on our beliefs, image, confidence, wealth as well as on the people around us!

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to create positive and long lasting changes. To find out more, contact me to arrange a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation.


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