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“Hypnotherapy ended my relationship … with chocolate! To anyone that knew me, I was never the kind of person that would take one square of chocolate and put the rest in the fridge, my downfall was always chocolate, cakes and crisps, so all in all good old fashioned junk food!

When I gave birth to my 2nd son, sleep deprivation and the trials of being a new mum, meant that the ‘quick-fix’ snacks would be just the thing I would reach for.  When you are also keen to lose the ‘jelly’ belly, the two are not a great combination. So when Nicola suggested I give the Food Aversion Hypnotherapy a go, I was happy to try anything.

The first session was an instant success and the want for chocolate disappeared, I truly couldn’t believe it but after this I was quick to follow up with additional sessions focusing on the other foods that would normally be my enemy. After 3 sessions and listening to the back-up CD my longing for these foods had gone.

To this day, several months on,  I have no interest in chocolate, biscuits or cakes and have managed to lose the majority of the weight I wanted to. If you have something, whatever it is, that you want to do a little less or even not at all, I strongly recommend that you give hypnotherapy a try!”  N, Essex (UPDATED FEEDBACK “Hi Nicola, I just wanted to update you that I just realised its been well over 3 Years since I had chocolate, crisps, biscuits or cake!”)


“I am extremely pleased with my weight loss sessions with Nicola, I have dropped 2 dress sizes and have totally changed my attitude towards food and eating habits. I feel much more in control and am no longer stuck in a diet/binge cycle that I was before ” (C, Essex)

“If someone would have told me this time last year that i’d finally be rid of the acne that’s plagued me since I was a teen i’d have never believed them! I also no longer want to drink alcohol in the levels I used to and my eating habits are so different now too. Thank you so much for your patience and belief in me, the difference you’d made has been remarkable.” (J, Brentwood)

“Wow two sessions is all it took to rid me of my claustrophobia. Previously I struggled to use aeroplanes or even cars for long journeys but now the fear is gone and I am actually looking forward to my summer holiday this year!” (S, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex)

“I’ve always had a childhood phobia of rats and this had gotten much worse over the last few years to the point that I never wanted to be in the house by my own anymore. I am so relieved that I can now relax in my garden and not have all that worry. Not only that but I actually feel different since our sessions..I feel like I have a new lease for life!” (B, Danbury)

“Smoke free after 33 years. I never thought i’d finally crack it after so many failed attempts. Not only that but the smell of cigarettes now makes me physically sick…how did you do that?” (S, South Woodham Ferrers)

“I’ve absolutely loved the sessions with you Nicola, I always felt that you put 101% into me and your belief that I could ‘crack it’ definately helped. I’ve only have I lost that 2 stone (my goal!) but my outlook on life is so different now and I really feel that I can do the things i’ve always been scared of before. I would recommend you to anyone, thank you so much xx (R, Brentwood)

“Thankyou for the work you did on my anxiety and sleeping habits, I just had my first full nights sleep in over a year and I’ve woken up feeling really good and excited about the future. It feels like the black cloud has lifted and I can’t thank you enough” (Sarah, Woodford)

“I have yo yo dieted for 0ver 30 years and tried all sorts of diets…until I met you Nicola! For the first time in years I have real goals, a trim figure (well I am nearly at my goal shape and size!) and can get on with my body rather than fighting against it. I really cant recommend you highly enough. The weight sessions really have changed everything and I feel like I have a whole new lease of life!!” (Mrs Palmer, Braintree)

“what have you done to me?? I no longer graze endlessly and now get full signals when i’ve had enough. Now 2 stone down and counting…I love you!!!” (Anon, Wickford)

“I feel so much happier in myself and wake up without the knots in my tummy that I used to have about my job. Our sessions made many changes in areas that I didn’t expect. I admit I thought nothing could cure me of how I am but you proved me wrong. I CAN do it!” (Sasha, Essex)

“Having previously gone to another hypnotherapist for weight loss and not being successful, I was somewhat cautious about trying again…but I’m SO glad I I did! What a totally different experience and have already lost 12lbs and still losing weekly since our sessions have ended. My whole outlook to weight and food has completely changed and its no longer the battle it once was. Bring it on Christmas- I am so ready to face you this time!” (Hayley, Basildon) 

“I’ve been on anti depressants for years and really struggling with the side effects and feeling foggy all the time when I decided I had to do some thing about this. Nicola taught me how to think differently and love myself a bit! I admit some techniques seemed a bit wacky at first (tapping?) but here I am, 3 months later and off my pills and starting a new job ( and the new man!!) I never would have imagined that I’d be ending a really crap year like this, I really do feel like a new me.  I know I’d have never have done this all without you and for that I’ll always be grateful for your support (and magic words!) Thank you Nicola, in more ways than you’ll ever know.” (H, Brentwood)

“I wish you were available on the NHS I really do. The CBT I did with them was ok but I got so much more from our sessions which helped me make the leap I needed to make. God bless” (I, Chelmsford)

“I did the Hypno as a last chance saloon because I couldn’t face another month on shakes. Never thought it would actually work however given nothing else has over the last 20 years! For the first time I do feel in control of my eating habits and not powerless anymore or eating all the junk I used too.  Well Nicola, your cynic has turned the other cheek as I can’t stop recommending you to people- their is actually something in this Hypno lark!” (Janet, Southend) 

“when my husband died suddenly earlier this year the pain was so bad I thought I wanted to die myself. With your help, I’ve managed to let go yet cherish the memories of him without the way in which he died tarnishing them. I’m sleeping again now and functioning much better thank you xx” (C, Shenfield)

“It made me address some of the real reasons for over eating and the ways in which to address them” (S, Notley)

“The main reason I came to HW was to regain my confidence to lose weight. What I gained the most from the sessions was a renewed understanding that I do not need food as much as I thought I did, and that my body can exist even if I am hungry. Breaking habits too, is very high on the list. I got out from this exactly what I set out to. It suited my needs entirely and the sesssions do what it says on the tin. Thats what I am there for. I found the overall experience empowering”  (T, South Woodham Ferrers” 

“I have always found flying a terrifying experience, expecting the plane to drop out of the sky.  I was even terrified when trying to read a book which was supposed to help with fear of flying!  Despite this, my daughter had persuaded me to fly to Thailand to visit her – alone! I decided to contact you after reading that you felt phobias should be got rid of, and that their origin didn’t matter.  Also that you felt you could do this in one or two sessions – which you did. I had a quite enjoyable flight, with barely a qualm. I never expected to be able to say that!  I didn’t even need to listen to your tape. I was completely calm leading up to my departure and quite enjoyed  the flight.  It was only when we hit some turbulence and when we were descending that I felt any slight qualms, but then I used some of the relaxation techniques Nicola had taught me, and I was absolutely fine. I now feel I’ll be happy to fly anywhere- my experience was completely successful – far more so than I had hoped! ” ( J, South Woodham Ferrers) 

“I enjoyed the sessions.  I feel that the main reason I went (the constant feeling of stress) has definitely improved. The most useful outcome from my sessions was that I learned to relax and feel less stressed.” (A, Bicknacre)

“I welcomed my son into my life last week by breathing him into the world, calmly, in control and to the amazement of my husband and midwives! I felt confident in the run up to the birth and really bonded with my son. You were right, each contraction really did bring him closer to having him in my arms and I was able to focus on that and welcome him to our lives in a calm and relaxed way. I was prepared in a way that I never even imagined I could be and the trust in my own body was just amazing. I have a new respect for myself!! Thank you for all that you have done- I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Remarkable!” (H, Brentwood)

“Happy Christmas. Hi, just letting you know. I DID IT! I got to my Christmas weight…yay!”
(T, South Woodham Ferrers)

“I went to Hypnotherapy Works to take control over my eating habits  as my weight has increased significantly in the last couple of years and to also try and not drink so much tea which I could tell was causing me to feel ill yet I felt I was addicted to it and couldn’t stop drinking it. From the first session, I felt my levels of stress reduced significantly, I almost immediately had control over my eating and drinking habits. I found Nicola through google- I was looking for a local hypnotherapist with emphasis on weight issues. The most useful part of our sessions was a sense of well being and calmness  and control over my eating habits (for me – evening eating when not recognising that I felt full)  From the first session I was completely put off of drinking more than a couple of cups of tea a day – I normally had at least 12 !

“I came to Hypnotherapy rather desperate for a solution in fixing my addictions to eating and drinking tea. However what I have achieved is an overwhelming sense of calmness , control  and peace in my life. I had not realised how my stress levels which I thought i had control over were affecting my well being and how I was using food and drink to help me cope. Many people have noticed how different I am  and how much more calmer I am in difficut situations.My increase in weight halted and I believe i have lost about a stone in weight without trying. Drinking less tea and more water has made me feel so much better in myself.” (P, Chelmsford)

“I came to see Nicola having seen two previous hypnotherapists and also on the waiting list for a gastric balloon op which I had to lose weight before they would do it. Not only have I completely changed my eating habits but I no longer want the operation as I am confident I can now lose the weight without surgery. (Im 4 stone down now).

“I wish I had seen you years ago as the changes have been dramatic. The goals work was so helpful at giving me direction and setting some ambitions-you asked me questions that I’ve never considered before.  I am not addicted to crisps and cutting out the junk has made me a lot calmer and better in myself, I realise that what I was doing and eating before was habit so now I have new and better habits!

I am writing to my doctor to recommend you too as this is a much better way to lose weight than going for surgery”. (S,  Harold Wood)

“I came to Hypnotherapy Works for help in relaxing and switching off to enable sleep. What I benefited from most was the techniques learnt that I could apply in everyday life, plus an hour of time for myself. I really enjoyed the sessions I had and learnt a lot from Nicola. She gave me some easy to use tools that again can be used easily and without anyone else noticing, in real life situations. I felt like I was treated as an individual for my circumstances and cared for”. (K, Shenfield)

“I wanted to try gastric band hypnotherapy to help overcome my problems with food. I choose Hypnotherapy Works as the website was professional and informative plus the business was run by a woman (I didn’t feel comfortable with the thought of being hypnotised by a man). Plus the picture of Nicola showed to be someone who was of similar age to me and that was also important in my opinion.

The sessions addressed thoughts and feelings that I may not have realised/addressed without the use of hypnotherapy. I went for a specific reason but lead to me questioning and discovering more about myself.

Nicola is very accommodating and welcoming and makes time for you even if its 8pm at night. In summary the experience was professional, empathetic and caring. Tailored to the individual.

Nicola is a true credit to this profession. She is knowledgable, well qualified and passionate about what she does. My experience with Hypnotherapy Works had helped me to understand myself better and has changed my life in several ways. ” (K, Billericay)

“I felt very nervous about trying hypnotherapy, but from the word go Nicola made me feel completely at ease and I felt that she got to know me as a person in order to assist during the session. This not only made me feel comfortable but I knew Nicola was really passionate about what she was doing and how she was trying to help me. I found each session very relaxing and interesting.

I really enjoyed every session that we done. After each session I thought about what we had discussed . Being so relaxed I was able to let my mind say things without even thinking them. I said things that it didn’t even realise would be a reason for possible weight gain.

To date I have lost just over 4 and a half stone and that’s all down to the tools that Nicola has given me. Before hypnotherapy I would binge eat and everyday I would say “I will start my diet tomorrow” well thanks to Nicola I don’t need to say those words ever again. My whole attitude towards food has changed, I feel in complete control and I don’t feel that I am on a diet.

I would thoroughly recommend Hynotherapy Works. I honestly believe that Nicola has helped me save my life and I will be eternally grateful.

Apart from all the obvious reasons a person wants to lose weight my main focus was to have a baby. I know I will get to my goal weight and I look forward to the day I get to tell Nicola I’m pregnant. thank you again Nicola” (S, Hadleigh)

“Yesterday, I had to have an MRI scan on my spine. Being claustrophobic, I was a bit worried. I have a problem with vertigo and had to have my head supported as much as possible, so that, with the tunnel being so shallow, I ended up with my nose about a half inch from the top! Anyway, all the way through – about 45-50 minutes – I did the relaxation technique you taught me, ie, eyes closed, breathing in to the count of 3 and out to the count of six, and I was fine. In fact, at times I found myself almost happy, in a detached sort of way.

I go on and on being grateful to you.” (J, South Woodham Ferrers)

“I came to Hypnotherapy Works because I wanted to cut down on drinking. I was open minded as to whether or not the sessions could help and am not sure which element(s) have helped, but I can say that I have noticeably cut down on my consumption and even after approximately 3 months, my alcohol consumption has remained significantly lower than it was previously and I honestly believe this would not have been the case if I had relied on willpower alone.

I should add that Nicola was tasked with helping me cut my consumption, not eliminating it. Thank you Nicola!” (P, Danbury)

“Hi Nicola
Hope you are well I feel great
Thought I would give you an update …….
So far lost 1 stone 7lb and 2 inches of waist and 1& 1/2 inches of bust and hips !!
So pleased !! also 1 dress size down so far still going well” (T, Maldon)

“I am writing to thank Nicola for her time and commitment to what she does and believes in. I am so grateful I have found Nicola. I am looking forward to continuing working with you in 2013”.(K, Billericay)

“I came to see Nicola through recommendation to help me lose weight. The things that I most benefited from in our sessions were: Will power, self  belief  and of course weight loss! I found the whole experience uplifting and beneficial.” T, Maldon

“I found Nicola through recomendation through a friend of a friend of a friend to loose weight, to build my confidence and to make my will power stronger. There were so many aspects to the hypnotherapy that helped me to learn so much about myself & to realise that I’m a lot stronger than I thought. I have lost 1/12 stone and changed my eating habits for good. The thing that I  benefited from in our sessions (Apart from loosing weight) was my attitude & views to so many other aspects of my life have changed.  I’m a stronger, more positive & happier person.

For me it’s the beginning of a ‘new me’, I never imagined I would get so much out of just 5 sessions.  I enjoyed all my sessions and left every one feeling relaxed, calm and positive.  I miss having the sessions and know I will be back for more.  I love the support cd and use it every other day to keep me on track to reach my target.  I found the therapy room to be welcoming and comfortable.

Lastly I would like to say a big thank you to you.  With your help I’ve really turned so many negative things in my life into positive ones.  I feel stronger and happier and this is not only down to the hypnotherapy but the support and advice you gave me during the sessions.  Thank you.  I will definitely be booking more sessions up in the new year. X” (A, South Woodham Ferrers)

 “The main reason for coming to see Nicola was to keep a check on my weight, which was creeping up. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions together, the main benefit being keeping my weight under control and your encouragement to write a book (Something I have always wanted to do). It was incredibly easy to make an appointment with you and I found you very accommodating when it came to times and dates. The most useful outcome was learning how  to not make such a big deal out of food and not eating until I was stuffed to the gills, rather stopping when I was satisfied!! If anything the only thing i’d changed would have to have longer hypnotherapy!!  It left me feeling thoroughly refreshed and warm and fuzzy!!
There is nothing you could have done differently.  You were very welcoming and put me at ease immediately. I was a little apprehensive about going to Hypnotherapy Works, but the minute I arrived, I was made very welcome and felt very comfortable.  I would definitely recommend Hypnotherapy Works to anyone with any problems that might need addressing.
The book, you’ll be pleased to hear, is coming along nicely thanks.  Albeit, far too slowly, but I have managed to bash out a couple of chapters!  If I ever get published, it will be dedicated to you for spurring me on to do it! Many thanks again Nicola!” (J, Danbury)

“Anyway the main reason I came to Hypnotherapy Works was because over a period of time I had steadily been gaining weight and felt fairly rubbish about myself.  I also wanted a lifestyle change and didn’t want to go on yet another faddy diet which I had tried in the past.
It has now been three months since I first saw you and the benefits have been enormous, both physically and emotionally.  I now eat completely different food on a day to day basis and really enjoy it.  I still eat out and socialise but have managed to incorporate my healthier lifestyle into everyday living.   I have a lot more energy and enthusiasm for things as a result and no longer dread meeting people because I thought I looked so awful.  I also like myself better and am more interested in how I look.It was really easy to make an appointment – in fact after I had e mailed you, you offered me a choice of two within the same week and subsequent appointments were made in advance and never had to be changed.I found you on the internet through Google search engine.  There was a huge choice and in fact you were not local to me, but I was impressed with your website and it gave me confidence that you were well qualified and had an empathetic approach to weight problems.

When I had decided to come to you, it was purely to lose weight.  I had not anticipated the depth to which hypnotherapy works to find the root cause of a weight problem.  It has been a real insight into myself of how I react to different situations and how I used to use food to try to make me feel better.  It has been really valuable to have that understanding when  I am now faced with similar situations.  I am by no means perfect but I certainly feel in control and even if I have a temporary lapse, I am much kinder to myself and have the ability to put it behind me and continue with my new way of eating.

I don’t think there is anything that I wanted more of – I think there was a good balance with each session and you reassured me that
I would not be a failure if I ever need to come back to see you, but to view it in the same way as my annual dental health check up.  That particular comparison really helped me.

When I first considered hypnotherapy I had no idea of the profound effect it would have on other aspects of my life, apart from weight loss.  Although the weight loss was the most important thing, the ripple effect has been huge.  I think it has helped my relationship with family and friends because I am happier.  I have a much better insight into myself and have learned not to be so hard on myself.  I have a lot more energy and am leading a more fulfilled life as a result.

“Hi Nicola, I hope you and the boys had a lovely Christmas Day and are enjoying the hols so far. Just wanted to let you know that I haven’t eaten any chocolate or drunk any hot chocolate since I saw you last. I’ve not been on a diet, I just haven’t “fancied” any!! Thank you so much, I am so grateful for all your help. I will admit I’m still a bit worried I will revert back but no sign of that at the moment!! Merry Christmas and a happy new year x”

“Morning Nicola,
Hope you are ok.update, the good news is I’m still not smoking,thanks again for that. Happy Christmas”

“Hi Nicola,

I just wanted to drop you a mail to let you know how different I feel after our session. It’s like night and day and the control I have is astonishing – I feel like someone else! I had a race on Saturday and there was loads of chocolate in the goody bag – I just wasn’t interested and although **** had a few pieces, it really doesn’t bother me that it’s open and in the house.

I’m sat in a coffee shop at the moment as I’m early for an interview. For the first time ever, I realised as I sat down, that it didn’t even occur to me to buy a cake to go with the drink. I know that sounds minor but for me it’s just so different, and makes me feel so much more normal.

I’ll let you know how it sticks,

Thank you so much!!”

Hi Nicola sorry to text you on a Saturday … But thought this was worth a text! Just put a chocolate eclair in my mouth and had to spit it out ?! Just didn’t want it?? YAY xxxxx

“Hi Nicola, I thought it was about time I updated you on my progress. It was back in May when I visited you for my first appointment and following my hypnotherapy course I continued to listen to the recordings you gave me. It’s been a gradual process but my confidence has continued to grow and I now feel I’m able cope better in situations that previously made me feel uncomfortable. I also changed jobs in August which gave me a boost of confidence. I’d just like to thank you for your help.”

Finally Nicola, I would like to thank you.  I really looked forward to each of our sessions and you made me feel relaxed and that you really understood how I was feeling.  You made me feel I mattered and were not judgemental which gave me confidence to embrace all aspects of the therapy.

To date, I have lost just over two stone in 3 months and I have approx. 11lb to lose by mid May to reach my desired weight.  I still hold the picture in my head of how I want to look and I am nearly there and confident that I will get there in the timescale I set myself in our sessions.”

C, Wickford“I originally came for weight loss help and whilst I did at first loose weight this soon crept back.  After a few different sessions I realised that the underlying issue had been my self confidence, coping with stress etc.I am also starting the quit smoking programme. You have helped me with so many aspects of my life and helped me to understand and change the way I cope with and deal with life. When I first started my sessions with you, I was lacking confidence and very unhappy with myself .Now I realise I can change any part of my life that is negative into a positive.  I am a stronger more confident person with a more ‘laid back’ approach to life now. I feel confident enough to now embark on giving up smoking (through your help with hypnotherapy) for good.

Just to say Thank you.  I have loved coming for every session.  You made me feel relaxed, welcome and I felt comfortable in the surroundings.  The support CDs have been a huge help and I still regularly listen to them.  I shall miss my sessions with you”. A, South Woodham Ferrers

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